Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

There’s no debating: construction projects are complex. Any construction project, be it a residential commercial construction project or a commercial construction project, will involve a significant amount of work. The race against deadlines, resource availability, and resource allocation all play a role in the complexity to any construction project in South Florida.

For these reasons, it is vital to hire an experienced general contractor in Fort Lauderdale. In the remainder of this post, we’ll cover the benefits of hiring a general contractor when it comes to your next construction project.

What is a general contractor?

A general contractor can be the main or prime contractor who is in charge of the routine supervision of the construction site. The general contractor brings all the vendors, trades, and other stakeholders under one umbrella to ensure clear-cut communication and the deadlines are met.

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Benefits to Hiring a General Contractor in South Florida

Save Time

Construction projects can span from a few months to years. Unforeseen circumstances like bad weather or lockdowns could slow down or even bring the project progress to a standstill. This is where the expertise of a general contractor can come in handy. An experienced general contractor always has most of these unforeseen barriers on the cards and can schedule his subcontractors efficiently. He would also have the expertise to handle issues that may arise promptly and his negotiation skills can help manage most setbacks.

Save Money

Subcontractors are known to charge more when working under the building owner. To subcontractors, general contractors are a major source of continuous projects, which makes them charge less. Furthermore, general contractors have the ability to list projects for bid, which creates competition and thereby reduces the project budget further.

Covers Licenses and Insurance

Hiring a licensed general contractor contributes to the smooth functioning of the project. This ensures that the project is progressing as per the rules and regulations put forward by the state or county. With liability insurance, you won’t be responsible for any construction site accidents that may occur.

Single Point of Contact

Dealing with a plethora of subcontractors and vendors can be a hassle. Imagine getting the overall project status from a single experienced contractor who can answer all your questions and seems to have things under control. This is exactly what you’ll get if you hire an experienced and licensed general contractor.


An experienced general contractor in South Florida has their eyes and ears in the market. Their experience allows them to anticipate scenarios and act smartly to maintain control of the project, budget, and scope. This is arguably the top reason one should hire an experienced general contractor above all else.

Taylor Builders: South Florida General Contractor

If you have an upcoming commercial construction or residential construction project then you will want to hire the best general contractor in South Florida. Taylor Builders has the experience, network, knowledge, connections, and skills to ensure your next construction project goes smoothly and finishes on time. We offer our construction services from West Palm Beach all the way down to Miami. Contact us to learn more about our services and offerings.