Construction Services

At Taylor Builders, not only are we South Florida’s top general contractor, but we take pride in partnering alongside our clients on their project through every phase of a project, from ground up to finish. Hiring Taylor Builders general contractor in Fort Lauderdale, starts the process of working with a professional contractor, experienced¬† in the building¬† process that will help make your layout and design visions come to life all while taking into account the safety and function of your home or build.

General contractors wear many hats they are experienced in everything from the procurement of land and materials to the final signing on your build. Below you will find some of the areas the contractors at Taylor Builders will guide you in. Our contractors put the value of family and home first and foremost in their work, truly having your best interest in mind. Construction services during a build can include procurement services, project management, construction scheduling, on-site supervision and even close out documentation. Our detailed general contractors and construction managers are here to serve you every step of the way.

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Construction Manager v. General Contractor

The construction manager and the general contractor will work hand in hand to help you see through each step of the construction services offered. The Construction Manager is the person, or team, hired by the owner to provide oversight of the entire construction project. This includes planning and pre-construction through the construction and completion of the project. The General Contractor is the team hired by an owner to oversee the day-to-day construction operations and subcontractor productivity during construction.

Construction Services

Construction services can fall as anything in-between start and finish of a new build. Our managers and contractors are experienced in each of the below and are here to guide you to start your build near Fort Lauderdale today.

Procurement Services

Our contractors have the connections to procure products and services needed for any build in a timely manner. They can source the most sought after materials and latest trends to meet your design needs and help keep your build on track.

Project Management

The project manager oversees more than just the construction process. They will be your go to resource for keeping your budget and schedule in line.

Construction Scheduling

In line with project management, construction scheduling includes making sure all items and deliverables stay on task and on schedule for your build in the Tri-County area of South Florida and beyond. Construction scheduling takes into account delivery dates, material, milestones and more.

On-site Supervision

Construction supervision is very important in any build. The right supervision can help improve production and performance. It can also help lessen any risk for legal involvement making sure al legal requirements are followed.

Close out Documentation

Management of the building is officially turned over from the construction manager and general contractor to the building’s owner. This is done once the project is completed and has passed various inspections. Owners are provided with all project information and close out documents such as manuals, warranties, as-builts, and closed out ledgers.

Taylor Builders: Construction Managers in South Florida

Taylor Builders in Pompano Beach, Florida is not only a general contractor but we also handle the construction management aspect of projects. Our team has decades of experience and take pride in partnering alongside our clients to ensure that their buildings are completing within the scope of work, on time, and within budget. To learn more about our construction services in South Florida, contact us today.