What is a Commercial Contractor?

When it comes to commercial construction and renovation, a lot can potentially get lost in translation from ideation to the finished project. That’s where a commercial contractor in Miami comes in. A commercial contractor is there every step of the way, from permit acquisition to design and execution, the ensure the project will be completed on time and ideally under budget.

When considering a contractor, you’ll want to do your homework and ask yourself which is the right choice for your upcoming job. Many commercial contractors specialize in different areas of industry, ranging from office space to interior finishes to multi-level commercial facilities.

Continue to reading to learn how you can find the best choice for a commercial contractor in South Florida.

What makes a Commercial Contractor Different?

A Commercial Contractor is one that has extensive experience in the commercial sector. These contractors may be employees of a construction company, or an individual General Contractor that oversees the project site, materials, equipment, and workers to ensure everything is being done properly from start to finish.

A commercial contractor is responsible for the majority of your construction project. Roles and responsibilities include oversight of the entire project, material acquisition, equipment requisition, vendor communication, subcontractor management, and ensuring the worksite is code compliant. Most importantly, arguably, the commercial contractor is tasked with keeping the project on track within the budget and agreed upon schedule.

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Difference Between a Residential Contractor and a Commercial Contractor

Commercial contractors work closely with the client to ensure the functionality and aesthetic of the project will meet, and ideally exceed, their needs and expectations. They will also be the main point of contact for vendors, staff, designers, architects, and make sure that all moving parts on the project are on track to meet agreed upon deadlines and milestones.

Compared to a residential contractor, there is a stark difference. Commercial contractors have a much wider scope in terms of job description (see above for all the moving pieces and parts they oversee), while also having to meet city codes and regulations. Many residential contractors do not have to worry about these codes and regulations.

How to Hire the Right Commercial Contractor in South Florida

Do Your Homework

Research is imperative when hiring a contractor. Consider their list of commercial construction services, view their project portfolio, read reviews, and get a quote. Each of these will establish a baseline of expectations in your search for a commercial contractor.

As part of your research, ensure that your contractor of choice is licensed and always ask for proof of insurance. Hiring a license contractor means that contractor is legally allowed to work in your projects jurisdiction. Having this license, the contractor will know all legalities of the project including state permits, zone regulations, and correct project management. Always ensure you hire a licensed contractor, as those who are not licensed will not be experienced and cannot be held liable for problems at that project site. To save yourself money and a headache, asking for proof of insurance will take care of liability costs with workers on-site. This insurance will save costs when talking about worker’s compensation and liability of injury. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance.

Build a Relationship

The key, as in any relationship personal, professional, or otherwise, is communication. Establish trust and chemistry with your contractor. Get a gauge on their attitude, professionalism, and most importantly their communication abilities. Your commercial construction project is not something to entrust to just any Joe off the street; ask the difficult questions and see how your contractor of choice responds, and get a feel for how they will plan on making contingencies in case of emergency.

Commercial Contractors in Miami: Taylor Builders

At Taylor Builders we take pride in our relationships with our clients and building a strong foundation of trust. That trust allows us to communicate clearly throughout the project, while also allowing us to help ensure your commercial construction project is completed on schedule, and perhaps more importantly, on budget. Contact us to learn more about commercial construction services in Miami and get started with your project today.